Pedja Muzijevic for The New Yorker

Untitled Placenta piece for Meatpaper

Wedding invitation
meat on a stick for Meatpaper

local grassfed beef vs. USDA patties in school cafeterias
for Meatpaper

'09 fashion trends paperdoll spread for The L Magazine
click here for printable pdf

Fashion Issue cover for The L Magazine


The Decemberists' lottery show for The New Yorker

Decemberists portrait study


Stanley Drucker for The New Yorker

Saltwater Solution

Steve Earle

L Magazine

NY buskers

Spock vs. Spock

spots for L Magazine

What Seashells Tell


Creativity and Insanity


'Far From the Madding Crowd' L Magazine




'Women 2018' Report on Business

'Blue Ridge' portion of comic



Holiday Tote Promo for the Strand Bookstore

in progress scroll